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Instant Death (2017)
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The announcement was given this morning by the Pontiff during an Ordinary Public Concistory, with the officialization of the canonization dates of other Blessed. Unisons act as isles of repose, soon to be dissolved. Al mattino presto, nel buio e nel silenzio della casa, scaricare il giornale sul tablet. For centuries, historians of the Mexican Church celebrate them as the Proto-martyrs not only of Mexico, but of all Latin America, the "seeds" that have flourished Christianity in the New World. He tried to convert his father, exhorting him to change habits, he would sometimes break the idols in the house and tried to witness the gospel to family and acquaintances. The thing itself and the analysis of it, the circumspection of it, are inseparable. Instant Death (2017) streaming.

Attori: Jade Fearon, Jerry Anderson, Levi James, Lou Ferrigno, Tania Staite

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